Thursday, October 29, 2009

Art believes that he was a power player and then when found people thought of him as nothing more then a "MAMAHUEVO", he went crazy and on the attack!

He briefly attempted to run for the Santa Ana City Council against the very popular Carlos Bustamante and of course Art couldn't handle the pressure and flamed out like a

He has left the republican party (I think the GOP helped him pack) and he became...well...not sure if they have a political party for NUT JOBS THAT BELIEVE EVERYBODY WITH A BELIEF OTHER THEN THERE OWN IS MEXICAN HATING!

Well, as ART continues to reside in his slum, sitting in his underwear, eating his fried pork skins, screaming at the moon....We all will just sit back and laugh.

ME...when I get done laughing....I will just look at this fat bastard...and feel sorry that the State of California cut money from mental health services so he could find peace through medication!

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This site is solely dedicated to bringing down the Orange Juice Blog and it's band of Tin Foil Hat wearing nut jobs!

It is amazing at the complete and total hypocrisy of Art Pedroza. He is a failed person in life. He has no professional career, and no political career. His crazy theories have him out so far that those on the fringe look at him and go...WTF!

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